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potc_chorus's Journal

A Pirates of the Caribbean Lyrical Icon Challenge
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Ahoy, matey! Welcome to PotC_Chorus. This is an icon challenge community based on the i_chorus and buffy_chorus challenge.

Each week, a new lyric is given. Members make a PotC icon, based on and using the lyric. Then the members of the community will vote to determine the winner.

The community is open to anyone who'd like to join. Just be sure you follow all the rules. If you don't, I have no problem with being a bitch and forking your pirate-lovin' hiney outta here <3

1. You may only enter one icon per week.
2. Anyone using bases/blanks without credit will be banned from the community and we shall slander your name and make bad drinking songs about your mother. So just don't do it.
3. You need to state the category you are nominating your icon in and the URL to where your icon is located. I haven't enough FTP space to host everyone's icon all over again for the voting periods. Sorry.
4. Don't tell people their icon sucks. That's just uncalled for. You don't like it, don't vote for it.
5. Do not post anything but your submission. And I mean anything: Don't ask for where to get screencaps, or how someone did this or that graphic design. And if you pimp any community on here, you will be gone faster than you can say, "But why is the rum gone?"


Best Application: The icon which best fits the lyrics.

Most Unique: The icon which takes the most original prospective on the lyrics.

Best Overall: The best icon entered that week. Meaning: it is the best in application, creativity, and style. If it can fit into both of the other categories, and you can't choose which, submit it as Best Overall.

Banners: For winners only! If you're not a winner, and you have on of these banners on your LJ, there will be hell to pay. Thanks.

The voting periods:

Monday - Friday: Entries accepted
Saturday - Sunday: Voting

Results will most likely be posted late Sunday night / Early Monday morning.

Community created and maintained by sinister_beauty


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